South Orangetown Central School District

William O. Schaefer Elementary School second-graders placed their Legacy Stones around the front garden of the school on Friday. Starting in 2020, WOS Art Teacher Liz Piteo started a tradition where second-graders get to design and decorate a rock that they get to place along the planting beds outside of the main entrance. “The legacy stones give our students the chance to leave a little piece of themselves at WOS. I would love to keep the tradition going so that hopefully when our students visit the school in the future, they remember all of the fun memories from their time here,” explained Piteo.

 “It is a beautiful way for our 2nd graders to leave their legacy at WOS. It also creates a beautiful view as you enter our school. We thank Mrs. Piteo for starting this beautiful tradition and we are grateful to our students for leaving their mark on WOS! We wish our 2nd graders well at CLE! They have worked hard, formed great relationships and have certainly left a wonderful legacy here at WOS,” said WOS Principal Sheila Beglin.

 As our second-graders prepare to leave WOS, they have also created “Sunglass Selfies” that are currently lining the hallways. These mixed media self-portraits show clues about each artist and in the reflection of the sunglasses, it shows what they see themselves doing over the summer or in their future.

 A special thank you to the SOCES PTA for funding a 2021-2022 Teacher Grant to support the legacy stones tradition!

Legacy Rocks WOS