South Orangetown Central School District

Cottage Lane Elementary School students Valentina Rexing, Audrey Cho, Madeline Clark, Caroline Sletner, and Savvy Guinto were among the nine county-wide winners of the Environmental Management Council’s Annual Eleanor Burlingham Earth Day Creative Arts Contest! This year, students were asked to submit original work such as a poster or poem answering the question, “Do you like spending time outside with different plants and animals? Do you like gardening with your friends and family?”

 The Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail served as the inspiration for fifth-grader Madeline Clark’s project. “I love to walk there with my family. It’s so nice and relaxing. When I walk there, my worries go away,” Madeline said. The contest also highlights the importance of taking care of our environment. “We need to take care of the Earth because we only have one planet to live on,” added Madeline.

 Winners were recognized by Rockland County Executive Ed Day at a ceremony at the Haverstraw Bay County Park on Tuesday. Students shared their work and received a “Certificate of Excellence” along with an environmental pin.

 Congratulations, Valentina, Audrey, Madeline, Caroline, and Savvy!

CLE Earth Day Poster Winners