South Orangetown Central School District

Cottage Lane Elementary School third-graders transformed into Rosa Parks, Megan Rapinoe, Stan Lee, Neil Armstrong and other figures they admire for the annual Wax Museum last Friday. This project is a cumulation of the third-grade biography reading and writing units and students have the opportunity to research any influential figure that they’re interested in.

 For their projects, students created a poster with facts about their subject including their accomplishments, character traits, and a timeline of their life. On the day of the Wax Museum, students dressed as their subjects and stood alongside their poster as families and staff visited the displays that were spread throughout the school. As part of the museum tour, families could “press” the talk button and students would provide a brief overview of their subject.

 The Wax Museum has been an annual third-grade tradition that students, staff, and families have looked forward to for the past fifteen years. “Creativity is the focus as these students truly become people who made a lasting contribution to their field. These projects not only showcase the student’s creativity, writing, reading, and art skills but also their speaking skills,” said Instructional Literacy Coach (K-5) Kristy Nadler. “The students and the third-grade team shined as parents toured the museum.”

CLE Wax Museum