South Orangetown Central School District

Fifth-grade students, families, and teachers gathered for the Cottage Lane Elementary School Moving Up Ceremony at Tappan Zee High School this morning.

 CLE Principal Karen Ramirez began the ceremony by praising students for their resiliency throughout their time at CLE.  “You win the award for being the most flexible and figuring out how to be remote, hybrid, and in-person learners, all within a couple years of elementary school!” she said.

Ramirez also commended them for their leadership of school activities, including student-led assemblies and charitable drives. “You are all stronger because of your experiences and you are strongest when you are working together. So, take care of each other, be cheerleaders for each other and take risks together,” Ramirez noted.

 CLE School Counselor Stephanie Mueller and CLE and WOS Social Worker Jessica Inglis presented the Lori McGrath Character Education award to Cristian Diaz-Martinez for exemplifying respect, responsibility, and kindness. 

 Congratulations to South Orangetown Middle School’s incoming sixth-grade class!

CLE Moving Up