South Orangetown Central School District

Social Media Marketing is a new, half-year elective that is being offered as part of the expanding Business program at TZHS. Over the past three years, student demand for Business courses has increased sharply, which has led to the establishment of this new course and the addition of a second teacher in the department.

“Social Media Marketing was proposed to our administration and Curriculum Council last year as a course option that tenth graders could take to gain more experience and background knowledge before pursuing our upper level courses. This highly interactive, hands-on class is designed for students who are considering a career in a business,” explained Business teacher Darrell Flynn, who teaches the new course.

 Throughout the semester, students will work to promote a fictitious e-commerce company, Buhi, through various social media platforms. This week, they are working in groups and making posters with tips on how they can best promote the business based on the company’s core values, market information and demographics, as well as what social media platforms they think will work most effectively to drive sales and awareness of the company. Students will study real brands and their marketing techniques to see how effective they are at promoting their product through each social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok–and put apply what they learn by contributing to the Tappan Zee Athletics social media accounts.

 Charlie, a sophomore, is hoping to learn how to leverage social media to continue building the apparel business that he started at age 13. “I’ve always wanted to create something of my own. I’m hoping this class will help me learn how to grow my business and how to properly market the products I’m selling,” he said. “I’m planning on taking the Entrepreneurship class next year because I want to continue to create my own things and become an Entrepreneur.”

 Personal branding is also a component of the course. “It’s important that students understand how their online content and behavior impacts how they are perceived by potential employers and colleges,” explained Flynn.  

Social media marketing is one of five new courses that have been introduced in response to student interest at Tappan Zee High School since last spring. Stay tuned for profiles of other new offerings in the coming weeks.

TZHS Social Media Marketing class