South Orangetown Central School District

This morning, William O. Schaefer hosted school-wide assemblies to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! Over the last couple of weeks, classes have been learning about Hispanic culture, geography and influential Hispanic Americans as well as participating in read-alouds of books that celebrate Hispanic heritage including “Pepe and the Parade.”   

 WOS teacher Jaclyn Nandlal and Assistant Principal Brian Galvin led a parranda, which is a Puerto Rican tradition, through the hallways to the assembly. Nandlal played music by popular Hispanic American artists and students waved flags from Latin American countries as they walked to the assembly from their classrooms. After learning about the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month, SOMS School Prevention Counselor Bobbie-Angela Wong and her dance partner, Herve, performed the salsa and then gave students a salsa and merengue dance lesson.  

 Nandlal first organized this assembly as a way to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month at WOS last year. “I created this assembly because I want our curriculum to come alive and I want students to feel celebrated. This gives our students the opportunity to recognize and honor different cultures and see how we can work together to make the world a better place,” said Nandlal.

WOS Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly