South Orangetown Central School District

Last night, families participated in fun, hands-on science activities during the annual K-5 Family Science Night held at William O. Schaefer Elementary School! Teachers from William O. Schaefer and Cottage Lane Elementary School held a variety of science and STEM inspired activities that allowed students to analyze, engineer, hypothesize and problem-solve.

“The idea of Family Science Night is to show families that so much science can be done with things that they already have at home and to foster that sense of curiosity and allow students to explore with these basic materials,” said K-8 Instructional Science Coach Samantha Levine.

 Students rotated between different stations, ranging from catapult construction to sled-building. “These activities allow students to go through the engineering process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Build, Test, Reimagine or Edit) while also reviewing scientific properties learned at school,” Levine explained.

 Other activities focused on other scientific topics including kinetic energy, studying shadows through an art sculpture activity and analyzing water samples through a microscope. “These activities allow students to wonder and ask questions about the world around them—and that is the basis for science,” noted Levine.

 Save the date for our next family fun night, K-5 Family Technology Night, on Wednesday, November 16, at Cottage Lane Elementary School!

K-5 Science Night