South Orangetown Central School District

Students in TZHS Art teacher Donna Grasso’s 3-D Design l class are designing, sculpting and painting clay skulls for Dia de los Muertos! Before students began making their sculptures, Grasso explained the meaning of the holiday, which is also known as the “Day of the Dead.” Students learned about Dia de los Muertos traditions and how sugar skulls are used during celebrations.

This week, students are finalizing the designs on their sugar skulls before Grasso will begin firing them in the kiln. Some students referenced classic designs they found while researching the holiday, while others created their own unique design using a variety of colors, patterns and shapes.

3-D Design l is one of the four introductory art courses offered at TZHS. The course focuses on developing the skills needed for hands-on experiences in 3-D media such as ceramics and sculpture. Students will also gain a further understanding of the history and significance of 3-D design in today’s society.  

3D Design clay lesson