South Orangetown Central School District

This month, William O. Schaefer Elementary School will be hosting art and music showcases where families have the chance to see what students have been working on this fall.

This year we are excited to have music and art showcases at WOS! Our special areas team is at the heart of our school and the work that they do truly enhances our students’ experiences here at WOS,” said WOS Principal Sheila Beglin. “We are excited to have families come to celebrate the great work that is happening in these areas!”

 Last week, WOS Music teacher Beth Fox hosted the first of several concerts featuring first graders to recognize Veterans Day. Families were invited to attend along with any family members who are veterans so that they could be recognized and honored during the show. Students sang patriotic songs, read poetry and thanked veterans for their service.

 These performances are not only meant to showcase what students have been practicing in their music class, but also so students can gain experience performing in front of an audience. “It’s wonderful having students be able to perform on stage again, after many years of not performing. I think it’s very important to have students perform on stage – it makes them a better audience member for future performances. They now understand what it’s like to be a performer on stage and the need for a considerate audience who will listen and appreciate all the work they have put into the performance,” explained Fox. “It can be overwhelming for students to see an audience as they’re watching them perform. Some of the students who are normally very quiet and reserved will peak and shine during a performance on stage.” 

WOS Veterans Day Performance