South Orangetown Central School District

Fifty Tappan Zee High School students were inducted and re-inducted into the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Capítulo Tito Puente on November 9. Twenty-five students were new inductees and the remaining twenty-five were re-inducted this year.

 The honor society’s goals are to recognize students who have achieved excellence in the study of Spanish, as well as to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Spanish culture and civilization.

 Congratulations to the new and re-inducted members of the Spanish Honor Society. Learning another language is a key that will not only open doors of opportunity for our students, but also helps us open our minds and hearts to connect with other people of different backgrounds, cultures and customs,” said honor society co-advisor and World Language teacher Kristy Walsh. “I am so proud that our members are committed to making connections and seeking understanding outside of what is normal or familiar to them.”

Spanish Honor Society co-advisor and World Language teacher Odette Santiago shared a similar sentiment. “I would like to congratulate all of our SHS members, new and old. These students have chosen to continue their path to become global citizens by being able to connect with others through language and culture. Their dedication to learning the Spanish language exemplifies the goals we have in the world language department, as well as a district,” added Santiago. “We value the support of our families and administration to help realize our goals and provide these students with unique opportunities.”

 Congratulations, 2022 inductees!

Spanish Honor Society Induction