South Orangetown Central School District

As part of World Kindness Week, Cottage Lane Elementary School Counselor Stephanie Chahales has organized a variety of activities for students to engage throughout the school day to promote kindness, positivity and inclusivity.

 Leading up to the week-long celebration, Chahales met with the CLE Kindness Club to talk about the importance of being kind to one another and how a chain reaction can spread kindness. Members started the kindness chain, which is made of paper with inspirational messages written by students.

 On Thursday, students had time during recess to write their own messages and add to the kindness chain. “It is so important to be kind every day and the more you see people being kind, the more people will continue to be kind and it will create a ripple effect,” Chahales explained. “We always want to make CLE a kind and happy place for all students. During morning meetings, students have watched videos about how kindness is spread and how it creates a chain reaction. This activity ties into that concept and all the kids are talking about simple things they can do to be kind to friends, teachers, family and even their pets.”

CLE World Kindness Week