South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Middle School Counselor Siobhan Maiorano is introducing sixth graders to the Naviance program during science classes this week. Naviance is a college and career readiness software program that helps students discover different careers and pathways that align with their interests and goals.

 Maiorano assigned students to complete the RoadTrip Nation: What is Your Road activity. After they selected topics they are interested in, the RoadTrip Nation tool matched students with professionals with similar interests that have created their career paths. Maiorano asked students to find three videos, each with a different role model or leader to learn how they were able to find a career based on their strengths, passions and personalities.

“SOMS students will utilize the Naviance program each year for career exploration activities, learning style inventories and personality assessments,” said Mariorano. “In addition, student’s individual progress reviews are completed and stored in their Naviance account each year as well. This allows the student to look back and see how their goals, interests and career aspirations may have changed. Naviance has been a valuable addition to the SOMS Counseling curriculum.”

Grade 6 naviance activity