South Orangetown Central School District

Third graders in Sunita Hill’s class have been working on a class project where they have to research a country from their cultural background. 

To begin their project, students created posters which included information about the country they chose including the size of the country as well as common food and animals that can be found there. Students also had to create posters that explained some of the holiday traditions they have with their families including how they decorate, their favorite holiday themed books and movies they watch every year. Last Friday, families brought holiday foods that reflect their cultural heritage to share with the class and students went around the room to present their findings about the country they researched. 

 Each year, classes at Cottage Lane Elementary School host these activities to allow students and their families to share more about themselves and to learn more about other cultures. “Bringing families into our classroom to talk about the various cultures that can be found amongst our students is so important, especially during this time of year. Activities like this breed community and that’s what it is really all about,” said Hill. 

Third graders share holiday traditions