South Orangetown Central School District

COVE class visits technology students for project

South Orangetown Middle School COVE students in Beth Doremus’s class partnered with peers in their art and technology classes to create winter and holiday inspired projects!

 Doremus’s class joined students in SOMS Art teachers Allison Meyers and Tatiana DiPierno’s classes to paint wooden snowflakes on Monday. Kerry Beckmann’s Technology class took over from there and helped students finish their projects by laser engraving their snowflakes with messages such as “Happy Holidays”  and “Let it Snow” as well as their names. Technology students helped them put the finishing touches on their snowflakes by adding glitter and helped them create personalized cards. 

“I always enjoy having my students help our COVE students make something special throughout the year to bring home to their families whether it’s in the spring for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or the winter holidays. We used our laser printer to engrave their projects, which is such a great tool because it’s so quick and by the end of the class, they get to walk out with something personalized and special,” said Beckmann. “By having students from both our art and technology classes help out, our COVE classes have twice as many socialization opportunities to work with their peers. These activities are always extremely rewarding for the students, as well as myself, so it’s a positive thing for everyone.”