South Orangetown Central School District

Spring Sports Registration Information and Season Start Dates

  • High school spring season sports begin March 13
    • Online registration via Sportz Ventures opens today, February 14, as per New York State rules (within 30 days of season start)
  • Middle school (modified) spring season sports start March 27
    • Online registration via Sportz Ventures will open on February 27 as per New York State rules (within 30 days of season start)
    • Students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to participate in modified sports

Advanced Placement Process (APP) for Middle School Athletes
Middle school students who wish to try out for high school level sports must follow the state-mandated Advanced Placement Process (APP). These students should register via Sportz Ventures during the high school sports registration period and an email of interest must be sent to Athletic Director Bill Pilla ( stating the intent to go through the APP process by March 3. The JV and Varsity coach for the sport must be copied on the email; coach names and email addresses are posted on the Team Info page of the Athletics website. A coach recommendation will be required for the APP process.

Student-athletes who pursue the Advanced Placement Process are required to do a maturation test with the middle school nurse after they have been cleared to begin the process. After that they will participate in a physical fitness test. APP physical fitness testing will take place on March 8 and March 9 in the SOMS gym immediately after school. Walk-ins to this fitness test are not allowed; students must have completed the components of the APP leading up to the fitness testing.

NOTE: APP completion only guarantees a tryout and not placement on the team. APP applicants who do not make a high school team can still play at the modified level. Middle school students chosen at the high school level should receive significant playing time; selection is not made to fill a roster. The intent of the APP is to appropriately place a student-athlete based on their competitive level.

Spring Sports
Following are the spring sports offered through our District:
Baseball: Modified, JV and Varsity
Boys Golf: Varsity
Boys Lacrosse: Modified, JV and Varsity
Boys Tennis: Modified, JV and Varsity
Boys Track & Field: Modified, JV and Varsity
Girls Flag Football: Varsity
Girls Golf: Varsity
Girls Lacrosse: Modified, JV and Varsity
Girls Track & Field: Modified, Varsity
Softball: Modified, JV and Varsity

Questions? Please contact Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics Bill Pilla via email ( or phone (845-680-1640).