South Orangetown Central School District

March is Music in our Schools Month and we’re going to highlight our incredible music departments across the District! To kick things off, we checked in to see what William O. Schaefer Elementary School Music teacher Beth Fox is working on with her students.

Kindergarten students are busy preparing for their “Spring Fling” Music Showcases, with performances beginning next Monday. Each class will be hosting a showcase where families are invited to attend. First graders are playing and working on rhythm patterns by practicing playing instruments such as the xylophone, metallophone and the glockenspiel. Second grade students are working with Fox and Stage Left to host performances of “The Wizard of Oz” that will take place in May.  

I’m so lucky to be working here in South Orangetown! I’m completing my 21st year here in the District, and my 35th year from my start in music education. I have taught up to grade 9 and I have to say, Kindergarten, first and second grades are definitely my favorite! Music is such an important part of a child’s education and growing up! I have personally seen how music can result in an improvement in vocabulary and language, more self-confidence in their actions and an increase in motor and listening skills. Music also helps students with social skills,” said Fox. “As a parent of a child with Autism, I have seen how music can inspire and engage students with their peers. It’s amazing to see a student who has difficulty in other areas of school light up and feel connected to music. Our students are amazing—no matter their age!”

Second graders rehearse their spring play