South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Middle School hosted a parent and student orientation last night for incoming sixth graders.

“Our evening orientation is an opportunity for our students and their families to continue their transition to South Orangetown Middle School. Families will meet members of the teaching staff, counselors and administrators. Students previously came in December to learn about the world language classes and hear the music groups perform. Later this spring, students will be returning for a student lead tour of the building,” said SOMS Principal Chad Corey, Ed.D.

After an introduction by Corey and SOMS Assistant Principal Danielle Rodriguez, Ed.D., students and their families were split into groups and rotated between locations to hear three different presentations . Corey and Rodriguez began their presentation by asking students to share with each other what they’re most excited about to come to SOMS before explaining what a typical school day looks like, the school motto, arrival and dismissal procedures, how the explore classes cycle works and the importance of becoming involved in the school by participating in after school clubs. 

The SOMS Counseling Department including Guidance Counselor Trish Iannucci, School Prevention Counselor Bobbie Wong, School Social Worker Jessica Inglis and School Psychologist Courtney Malka explained their roles and the ways that they provide support to students. SOMS teachers Eric Goldstein, Glenn Spiegelman and Luke Freeley gave students and their families guided tours of the sixth grade hallway to show them the lockers and what classrooms they will be in for their core classes and specials including art and technology. 

As each group was walking through the hallways, rising sixth graders also had the opportunity to read letters that current middle schoolers made to welcome them to SOMS as well as advice to prepare them for middle school. This orientation is part of the year-long effort to help fifth graders prepare for the transition to middle school and next month, they will visit SOMS during the school day and get a complete tour of the school led by current SOMS students.

SOMS Grade 6 Family and Student Orientation