South Orangetown Central School District

William O. Schaefer Elementary School hosted their brand-new Grade 2 Career Fair yesterday!

WOS Grade 2 teacher Jaclyn Nandlal has been planning the career fair since the beginning of the school year. “In September, each teacher is asked to come up with two goals for the year. I had a vision and support from our team to make it happen. I wanted a way for WOS to connect to our community and our curriculum. I knew we would be learning about Rockland County’s culture and our surrounding community so I came up with an idea to create a second grade career fair. I invited second grade parents and more that represented professions that were based on student interest,” explained Nandlal. “Our presenters were stellar and came from all walks of life. Now, I have even more ideas for next year’s version and I can’t wait to plan it!”

Each second grade class rotated between eight different stations including arts and entertainment, science, military, first responders, professional, industry, training and law enforcement. Each presenter explained what their profession is and what type of training or education they had to do in order to get into their field before showing any tools or equipment they use every day and answered questions the students had.

“One of our goals for our work at WOS this year was focusing on college and career readiness so this was a great opportunity for our students! This will be the first of many career fairs that we will host for our students. We thank all of our volunteers for speaking with our students and Jackie and Pamela Bartell for all of their hard work to put this event together” said WOS Principal Sheila Beglin. WOS Assistant Principal Brian Galvin added, “This was an amazing opportunity for students to learn about the many different career paths and to hear first-hand how each person got to where they are today.”

Thank you to our guest speakers who volunteered their time yesterday: Samantha McCullagh (Special Assistant Attorney General), Chevonne Washington (Registered Nurse), SFC-R William Washington (Retired SGT First Class-Military Police), Jennifer O’Connell (Retired Second Grade Detective), Thean Traynor (Sports Coach/Lieutenant Firefighter), Diane Buell (Archaeologist), Dr. Raquel Rodriguez (Dentist), Grace Bartell (Pediatric Nurse), Omiira Celona (Fashion Designer), Nick Turner (Historic Preservation Contractor/Carpenter), Steven Quinones (Signal Officer US Army), Jeff Bialas (Farmer), Tim Malley (New York State Trooper), Chris Finch (Mounted Police Officer), John O’Connell (Basketball Coach/ Deputy Inspector) and Lucas S. (International DJ).

Grade 2 Career Fair