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Sent via SchoolMessenger email on May 5, 2023

The Annual Budget and Board of Education Election is Tuesday, May 16, 7AM-9PM. Detailed information, including answers to frequently asked questions and polling locations, is posted on the Budget webpage and has been mailed to residents. Please vote!

Board Work in Progress

Superintendent Search: The Board anticipates that it will appoint our District’s new Superintendent of Schools at its May 9 meeting. Information regarding the search is posted on the Superintendent Search webpage.

Budget: On April 18, the Board of Education unanimously adopted the proposed 2023-24 school budget, which totals $108,815,021 and remains within the tax cap with a 2.08% tax levy increase.

  • A public budget hearing will be held on May 9 at 7:30PM in the South Orangetown Middle School Auditorium.
  • Detailed budget information, including answers to frequently asked questions and polling locations, is posted on the Budget webpage and has been mailed to all District residents.

Capital Projects: The District’s architect and construction manager will present an update at the May 16 Board of Education meeting on Summer 2023 minor capital work, the Capital Improvements Bond Project and the Smart Schools Bond Project.

Security Staffing: At the April 18 Board meeting, the Board reached unanimous consensus and directed the District to proceed, in partnership with the Town of Orangetown, vendors and legal counsel, to implement the following security staffing enhancements for September 2023:

  • Add 1 full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) for a total of 2 SROs.
  • Upgrade 2 security guard and 1 security supervisor positions from unarmed to armed (concealed carry). In collaboration with the District, the security vendor will draw from existing security guards assigned to District who are retired law enforcement.

The projected cost for the upgraded security staffing configuration is $1,103,000 for the 2023-24 school year and is included in the proposed 2023-24 budget, along with safety and security camera upgrades and additions districtwide.

A revision to existing Board Policy 8130 – School Safety Plans and Teams was introduced at the April 26 Board Policy Committee meeting.

Detailed information regarding the District’s work on this topic is posted on the Security Staffing webpage. Please note that, due to the nature of both the District’s security program and contract negotiations, the Board has access to certain confidential information that cannot be shared publicly.

Upcoming Meetings/Workshops
Board of Education Meeting/Public Budget Hearing
May 9 at 7:30PM
South Orangetown Middle School Auditorium

Board of Education Meeting/Annual Budget Vote & Board Elections
May 16 at 7:30PM
South Orangetown Middle School Auditorium

Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change. Be sure to check the District’s e-Backpack webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Additional Resources
Board meeting agendas, minutes and audio are posted online at BoardDocs.
Board policies are posted online at BoardPolicyOnline.

Questions or comments? Send an email to the entire Board of Education at

The “Board Brief” is a monthly communication from the South Orangetown Central School District Board of Education.