South Orangetown Central School District

Forty-six South Orangetown Middle School students were selected to receive the 2023 Rockland Community College Black & Latinx Student Achievement Awards last month. The awards serve to recognize and reinforce the academic, artistic, athletic, leadership and cultural accomplishments of Rockland County students from the Black/African and Latinx diasporas.

TZHS winners were recognized at an on-campus ceremony in late April and this morning, SOMS hosted a ceremony to celebrate the recipients along with their families. SOMS Principal Chad Corey, Ed.D. said, “Congratulations to our RCC Achievement Award recipients! We are extremely proud of their hard work and all that they continue to accomplish both within and outside of the classroom. Keep up the great work!”

Rockland Community College’s Achievement Awards program celebrates high-achieving students of both Hispanic/Latinx and Black/African heritage in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12. To be eligible for the awards, students must earn an academic average of 92 or greater and demonstrate outstanding participation and accomplishment in at least two of the following categories: community service, artistic expression, athletic ability and accomplishment, leadership activity, and/or personal triumph and success. 

Congratulations to:

 Sixth Grade: Ethan A., Zoe C., Angel C., Mariela C., Cristian D., Juliana E., Christopher F., Rhys F., Fernando G., Marvin J., Hailey K., Evelyn L., Valery M., Ilham M., William N., Matthew P., Dayana P., Chelsy R., Melanie R., Nicolas R., Melody R., Luke R. and Sofia U.

 Eighth Grade: Abelino A., Bella A., Joel A., Nathaniel B., John F., Eimy G., Allison G., Jaslyn H., Jaden L., A’Isha L., Abram L., Luis M., Fabiana M., Jessica O., Mateo P., Uri R., Daniel R., Raul R., Brittany R., Brady V., Ashleigh V. and Noris Y. (Most, but not all, recipients are pictured.)

RCC Achievement Awards at SOMS