South Orangetown Central School District

The Fire Mountain School performed a Lion and Dragon Dance for William O. Schaefer Elementary School students last week!
“Last year while working closely with the SOCES PTA and the PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) committee to plan a kickoff activity for PARP, we were introduced to the Rockland Chinese School and the Fire Mountain School. The schools’ performers came and performed a Chinese Lion Dance for our school and it was wonderful! The students really enjoyed it and therefore we worked with the PTA this year to bring them back as part of our assembly program. This was a wonderful way for our students to experience another culture and traditions from that culture,” said WOS Principal Sheila Beglin.
Earlier this year, members of the Fire Mountain School performed during the annual district-wide We the People event, which was launched by PTA members two decades ago to celebrate the diversity of the South Orangetown community.
Fire Mountain School performance