South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School’s Computer Science Honor Society inducted 23 new members and 13 existing members during the annual ceremony on May 16!

 Before the ceremony, students enrolled in the Computer Science Capstone class also presented their final projects. Families and friends had the opportunity to learn about the projects they have been working on this school year which focused on topics including web design, IOS and Android App development, data science, cybersecurity, nanoscience and quantum computing, reverse engineering and encryption algorithms, facial recognition and AI. 

Students are invited to join the TZHS Computer Science Honor Society if they have taken at least one semester of computer science and they are expected to complete at least 10 community service hours, with five of those hours being related to computer science. “Our Computer Science Honor Society hosted a computer science fair, Code Con, at SOMS for the entire eighth-grade class this year where eighth graders were invited to participate in hands-on activities that our members prepared. We also participate in the K-5 Technology Night for the families and students from WOS and CLE and the district-wide Maker Faire in June. While students volunteer their time at these events and share creative projects, games, and activities, they also enjoy being part of our Computer Science community,” said TZHS Computer Science Honor Society Advisor, TZHS Computer Science teacher and Math Instructional Coach Karen Connell.

Congratulations to: Caleb A., Sam A., Michael A., Brayden A., Caitlin B., Jaywon C., Ethan C., Molly C., Alex D., Seamus D., Jordan E., Sean F., Louis F., Vanessa F., Daokta G., Shayan H., Cillian H., Griffin H., Esther H., Leah J., Adrian K., Morimichi K., Sean M., Gabe M., Valencia M., Dylan M., Dan M., Cassidy N., Catie O., Jake P., Gael S., Luca S., Calum T., Matthew T., Ferenc V. and Oscar Z.

Computer Science Induction