South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School seniors enrolled in the Senior Seminar class have spent the last several weeks exploring potential career opportunities through internships and projects.

TZHS English teacher Sarah McMane’s class recently completed their in-person internships and project-based career explorations in a variety of fields. Students were responsible for completing weekly journal entries and their final project is to create a presentation explaining what they learned along the way.

John S. is interested in Primary and Secondary Special Education with a concentration in math. He chose to intern with South Orangetown Middle School teacher Steve Rogo, who was his teacher while at SOMS. “I didn’t like math when I was younger but Mr. Rogo taught with so much passion that it made me interested in the subject,” explained John. “I always told him that I wanted to be like him one day and I have learned so much from watching him.”

Daniel A. interned for Dr. Mike Cocilovo and Dr. Gil Rodriguez at New City Chiropractic Center. Danny assists during appointments, helps with patient outreach and has learned about equipment that is used for chiropractic care. “I am planning to pursue sports health and medicine so this internship has been so helpful because it has helped me gain background knowledge of the medical field before I choose a specific area that I want to focus on. They are so personable with their patients so it has also shown me how important the doctor/patient relationship is,” said Danny.

Hannah M. plans to pursue nursing and she interned with TZHS School Nurse Patricia Shalvey. Hannah experienced what a typical day as a school nurse may look like including treating students with injuries or illness and ensuring all students are up-to-date on their physicals. “This experience has really confirmed for me that I want to become a nurse. It was so interesting to learn what her career has been like and that there are so many different career pathways you can take as a nurse,” noted Hannah.

Zoey C. chose to do a project of personal interest with the help of TZHS Art teacher Nina Genovese. Zoey plans to major in graphic design with a minor in business and she wrote and illustrated two books. “I have always loved illustration so I thought it would be fun to illustrate and write a children’s book as well as one that’s more of an autobiography about growing up,” noted Zoey. She used a book binding service online to print her books and plans to give a copy to her younger cousins to help them as they grow up.

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