South Orangetown Central School District

Last Thursday, South Orangetown Middle School hosted a COVE All Stars vs. Modified Basketball game!

Students in SOMS COVE teachers Beth Doremus and Lori Higgins’ classes joined Family Engagement Center Coordinator AJ Walker, Assistant Superintendent Karen Tesik, Ed.D., Supervisor of Special Education Lori Graham and SOMS Assistant Principal Danielle Rodriguez on the SOMS basketball court for a fun game against members of the SOMS Modified Basketball team. Eighth grade students were invited to attend and Coaches Luke Freeley, Chris Rastelli and our SOMS Physical Education teachers acted as the referees for the game.

Earlier this school year, members of the Modified Basketball team played with COVE students after school as part of the Social Club at SOMS, which is run by the FEC. On Friday, TZHS will host a game to give TZHS COVE students the chance to play against the TZ Varsity team in a school-wide event.

COVE Basketball game at SOMS