South Orangetown Central School District

Last Friday, Cottage Lane Elementary School hosted its annual Wax Museum event, featuring scientists, presidents, musicians, athletes, authors, inventors…and more!

The eagerly anticipated, grade-wide activity builds research, writing and communication skills as third graders study a historical or culture figure of their choice and then prepare a brief biography to be delivered “in character.” K-5 Instructional Literacy Coach Kristy Nadler said, “The wax museum projects are the cumulation of both the third-grade biography reading and writing units.  Students can choose whomever they wish to become in this immersive exhibition. Creativity is the focus as these students truly become people who made a lasting contribution to their field. These projects not only showcase the student’s creativity, writing, reading, and art skills but also their speaking skills. The students and the third-grade team shined as parents toured the museum.”

“This event is a part of our Writer’s Workshop unit and is a highlight for our entire Cottage Lane community each year,” reports Principal Karen Scarth, Ed.D. “Thank you to our third graders, their families and our amazing third grade team for putting this together for another successful year!”

Grade 3 Wax Museum