South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown COVE and Technology students met in the courtyard yesterday as part of a collaborative planting project. 

This spring, seventh and eighth graders in Technology teacher Louis Chugranis’ classes built large wooden planters to place in the courtyard outside the COVE classrooms. Yesterday, COVE students and eighth graders partnered up to plant beans, tomatoes and green peppers in the new planters, which the COVE classes will maintain.

COVE students have learned about the life cycle of plants and were excited to tend to their own school garden. “This is a lot of fun and we’ll be coming out to the courtyard to check on our plants!” said SOMS COVE teacher Beth Doremus.

The planter project was originally planned for the Family Engagement Center’s Social Club, said FEC Coordinator AJ Walker. “But since all of our students aren’t able to join the after school club, we decided to open it up so that every COVE student had the opportunity to participate.”

SOMS COVE Planters