South Orangetown Central School District

2023 NYS Seal of Biliteracy students

An astonishing 40 Tappan Zee High School students have earned the New York State Seal of Biliteracy for high proficiency in listening, reading, writing and speaking in English and at least one other world language this year!

They are:

  • French/Spanish/English: Ayleen C.
  • French/English: Liyana A., Carol D., Jordan E., Hela G., Meline K., Ella L., Dylan M., Lauren M., Noah M., Matthew T. and Madeline W.
  • Italian/English: Philip B., Nicholas B., Mariel C., Jack H., Kate H., Ariana K., Carly S. and Olivia S.
  • Spanish/English: Angel A., Steven A., Brithany B., Liam B., Megan C., Leandro C., Matilyn D., Cate D., Michaela D., Diego G., Dylan H., Hunter L., Emma L., Ailish M., Jack M., Julia M., Mathews M., Caterina O., Zachary S. and Christopher V.

The purpose of the Seal is to encourage language study and identify students with language and biliteracy skills for employers and universities. Since TZHS began participating in this program in 2019, 65 students have achieved this recognition, including four students who qualified for tri-literacy. In 2021, Tappan Zee High School was awarded the Silver Seal of Biliteracy Badge for graduating students who have earned this certification.

“The increase in the number of students who have earned the Seal of Biliteracy is a reflection of the great work that is happening in our World Language and English classrooms,” said Assistant Principal Melissa Luciano, who administers the qualifying process in collaboration with TZHS World Language Team Leader Suzanne Grinberg. “Our students and teachers understand the importance of being literate in more than one language. Students are being exposed to rigorous instruction and are responding by meeting those high expectations.”

Congratulations to all!