South Orangetown Central School District

Second graders at William O. Schaefer Elementary School participated in the annual Legacy Stones Ceremony on June 9!

“Our tradition of the second grade Legacy Stones began in 2020. At that time, the second graders could not enjoy their last few exciting months of the school year at WOS. Therefore, we had each student drop off a painted rock that would remain here as a symbol of their time spent at our school. Every year since, we have continued the tradition of planting stones in front of our school,” WOS Art teacher Liz Piteo explained.

Second graders get to design and paint their own stones and for the ceremony, they went outside with their classmates to plant their stones along the flowerbeds outside of WOS. “Hopefully, one day in the future, the stone will bring back all the wonderful memories of their early childhood years here at William O. Schaefer Elementary School. It was so nice to see the students’ excitement as they planted their Legacy Stone. Some were so excited knowing that their older siblings had also left their Legacy Stone! It has become a nice tradition,” said Piteo.

WOS Legacy Stones Ceremony