South Orangetown Central School District

Opening Day 2023-24

The South Orangetown Middle School auditorium was filled with smiles and positive energy this morning as South Orangetown Central School District officially welcomed new and returning faculty and staff members to the 2023-24 school year. Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Joseph Lloyd, Ph.D. served as emcee and was joined at the podium by school administrators to introduce new staff members.

In his first Opening Day address as Superintendent of Schools, Brian Culot, Ed.D. shared news from the New York State Education Department as well as words of encouragement and inspiration. “Our roles have changed from being the deliverers of lots of information to enabling students to acquire the information more independently and creating opportunities for them to apply their knowledge and learned skills to solve complex problems,” Culot observed. “And it is all of our jobs to provide support for each student so that they can balance without opposing forces knocking them down and reach their full potential.”

Board of Education President Steven Finn emphasized that the new school year is an opportunity to build relationships, develop potential and realize high hopes. He reaffirmed the Board’s commitment to “providing everyone with what they need to get the job done.”

Educators’ Association of South Orangetown President William Hughes marked his 22nd year of delivering Opening Day remarks with a personal reflection on mentorship. “We are constantly mentoring…students find us and we find them. As important as teaching our curriculum is, we are modeling an approach to life,” he said.

Following the ceremony, staff headed out to meet with building, team and department colleagues and finalize preparations to welcome students on September 5.

Welcome and welcome back to our SOCSD staff members!