South Orangetown Central School District

The following was sent via ParentSquare on September 1, 2023:

Below is a status update on the repairs to the South Orangetown Middle School pool and Tappan Zee High School main gym floor as a follow-up to the August 25 Summer Capital Projects communication (ParentSquare | web):

SOMS Pool: The SOMS pool will be filled this weekend, with water treatment beginning early next week. The pool is on track to reopen pending a satisfactory Department of Health inspection next week.

TZHS Main Gym Floor: Per the District’s August 25 communication, the TZHS main gym floor was damaged following a severe rainstorm this summer. The District is working with several vendors and its insurance provider to determine the exact cause of the water damage and to ensure that mitigation strategies and any necessary enhancements are implemented.

Abatement and removal of the gym floor was completed on August 30. Final air testing was conducted on August 31; the District was notified that the building passed testing and has been cleared for use. The installation of new flooring is scheduled to begin next week, with project completion anticipated by mid-to-late October..

To finalize preparations for the first day of school on Tuesday, building access is limited to staff and is being coordinated internally.

The District looks forward to kicking off the new school year on Tuesday and will continue to share updates as these and other projects progress.