South Orangetown Central School District

SOMS student composting lunch

South Orangetown Middle School launched its school-wide recycling and composting program today!

“We’re introducing composting during lunchtime as part of our school’s ongoing commitment to both environmental stewardship and fostering a shared sense of community responsibility,” said Principal Chad Corey, Ed.D., who introduced the initiative during the sixth grade lunch period this afternoon. “We’re starting with our sixth graders, who have experience with lunchroom recycling and composting from Cottage Lane Elementary School. Over the course of the month, we’ll phase in the program with our seventh and eighth graders.”

CLE was the first school in Rockland County to initiate a composting program with Rockland Green, back in 2022, with William O. Schaefer Elementary School following suit last school year.

“These programs have a real impact and we’re committed to growing this effort. Our lunchtime recycling and composting programs are keeping 40-50 pounds out of the waste stream each day,” Director of Facilities Jack Rallo noted. “Our students and staff have been very receptive. Ultimately, it’s a great thing for our district and our community.”

Representatives from Rockland Green joined Corey and Rallo during today’s lunch period to help eager sixth graders drain, sort and dispose of their waste in the appropriate containers. When asked about their support for recycling, students were unanimous in their response: “We have to protect our environment!”