South Orangetown Central School District

TZ Boys Varsity Volleyball team

This fall, Tappan Zee Athletics launched its Boys Varsity Volleyball team–an effort several years in the making.

“We needed this program here,” said Jordan E., a senior. “Volleyball is a family sport for me; my dad and uncle played and so did my sister. As a team, chemistry has been special since day one. It’s our first year, so it has been a community effort. It’s a brotherhood out here and the way our coaches make us feel is just top of the world.”

Head Coach Hayley Kousoulas (TZHS ‘17) brings experience as a player and a coach to her role. “I played for Coaches Stanford and Feygin and coached the girls team for four years. When Bill [Pilla] said there would be an opening for the boys team, I jumped on it,” Kousoulas noted. “Our first game of the season was the first volleyball game that 11 of our 15 members had ever played. Our goal was just to win one game this season, but they went ahead and won three of their first five games.”

Senior Ian R. participated in the intramural program last year, which was held to assess and generate interest in starting a team. “It’s fun being part of a team and it gives me something to do in the fall. Otherwise, I’d be at home,” he reflected. “Last week, we all went out and had dinner together. I just enjoy having fun together.”

“Our athletic department couldn’t be prouder of and happier for our new boys volleyball program,” reported Director for Physical Education, Health and Athletics Bill Pilla. “Based on the data we collected from running intramural programs last year, it was the right time to start this new team. One of the initiatives we will always have at Tappan Zee High School is to provide new opportunities where there is interest. I look forward to watching his program grow, and more importantly provide student athletes another way to get out and exercise, make friends and learn how to work together for a common goal.”

Kousoulas and Assistant Coach Gene Kousoulas emphasize that the new program is in growth mode–and that both first-time athletes and those who have played other sports are welcome. Intramurals will run again in the spring and outreach to middle school students is planned for later this year.

In the meantime, come out and support our athletes! Upcoming home matches are scheduled for October 5 (vs. Suffern), October 13 (vs. North Rockland) and October 17 (vs. Clarkstown South). Tomorrow’s game will be played in the TZHS rear gym. Parking and entrance via the Dutch Hill Road lot.