South Orangetown Central School District

Fourth graders at Cottage Lane Elementary School are learning how to write a script and how to effectively perform on stage with help from Stage Left Children’s Theater Artistic Director and Instructor Ayn Lauren! The continued partnership with Stage Left is part of the District’s theater enrichment program designed for students in grades two and four. 

Last week, Lauren gave CLE teacher Tara Impemba’s class the beginning of a fictional scene and students were split into small groups to work together to develop and write the remainder of the scene. Students worked on determining when and where the scene takes place, who the characters are and major plot points. As fourth grade students are currently working on realistic fiction during their reading and writing units, the theater enrichment program gives the students a hands-on opportunity to further develop their understanding of the main elements of a story and how to write their own. “Stage Left allows the students to bring their writing to life while working on their speaking skills. The students are able to take the speaking skills they learned as second graders to the next level with Miss Ayn. The students act out the scenes that they write themselves, which increases student engagement,” explained K-5 Instructional Literacy Coach Kristy Nadler.

Once they wrote the scene, each group had to rehearse it and act it out in front of their classmates. To perform, Lauren explained that when performing on stage, it’s important to fill the space with your voice, to speak from the diaphragm and to enunciate your words in order to be heard and understood by your audience.

Students will continue to study and write realistic fiction before diving into historical fiction. Each fourth grade class will begin rehearsing for their performances of the play, “The American Revolution,” which will be held in March.

Fourth grade class acts out scenes with Stage Left