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2023 School Board Appreciation Week group photo

Message from Board President Steven Finn

As we move into November, SOCSD remains focused on its mission of elevating, engaging and inspiring each and every student. In each of our schools, you can see so much of the amazing work that happens in the classrooms just by glancing at the bulletin boards that line the hallways. We have also had presentations from our SOMS and TZHS school leaders about academics, extracurriculars, supports and their vision for the future, and look forward to hearing from WOS and CLE on November 2.

Leading by example is a key element of fulfilling our District mission. Last month was New York State School Boards’ School Board Recognition Week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow board members for their hard work and dedication. Each of you provide an example of leadership, courage and commitment to our district.

Finally, our Capital Improvements Project is continuing at a great pace. It is also wonderful to watch the kids at WOS really having fun on their new playground!

Keep up the great work, everyone. November is here: Continue to strive for excellence!

Board Work in Progress

Volunteer Exemption: At its October 19 meeting, the Board discussed the statewide Volunteer Firefighter and Ambulance Worker Exemption and resolutions adopted by neighboring districts. A public hearing on this topic will be held during the November 2 Board of Education meeting, which will begin at 7:30PM in the South Orangetown Middle School Library.

District Finances: The District’s external auditors delivered their annual report at the Board’s October 5 meeting. Once again, the report was positive; auditors found no significant deficiencies in internal controls. Audited financial statements are posted on the Business Office homepage.

Policy: The Board conducted second readings of Policies 4513 (Library and Resources Materials Selection), 2832 (Broadcasting and Recording Board Meetings), 4810 (Teaching About Controversial Issues) and 6700 (Purchasing) at the October 19 meeting. Third readings will be conducted for all four policies. View the Policies Under Review webpage.

The Policy Committee intends to work on Policies 2410 (Policy Development, Adoption, Implementation and Review), 5151 (Education of Students in Temporary Housing and Unaccompanied Youth) and 8636 (Social Media) at its November meeting.

Program: South Orangetown Middle School and Tappan Zee High School administrators presented an overview of their academic program, support services, organizational structures and future focus at the October 19 meeting. View the presentations here.  William O. Schaefer Elementary School and Cottage Lane Elementary School administrators will present at the November 2 Board meeting.

Upcoming Meetings/Workshops
Board of Education Regular Meeting &
Public Hearing on Volunteer Firefighter and Ambulance Worker Exemption
November 2 at 7:30PM
South Orangetown Middle School Library

Tenure Recognition Ceremony
November 16 at 7:00PM
South Orangetown Middle School Auditorium

Board of Education Regular Meeting/Workshop
November 16 at 7:30PM
South Orangetown Middle School Auditorium

Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change. Be sure to check the District’s e-Backpack webpage for the most up-to-date information.
Board meeting agendas, minutes and audio are posted online at BoardDocs.
Board policies are posted at BoardPolicyOnline.

Questions? Send an email to the Board of Education at

The “Board Brief” is a monthly communication from the South Orangetown Central School District Board of Education.