South Orangetown Central School District

Grade 1 Art Show

First graders in Stacey Kostik and Crystal Carrion’s class welcomed families to their classroom last week for their fall art show!

Throughout the school year, William O. Schaefer Elementary School Art teacher Liz Piteo will be hosting class-wide art shows to give students the opportunity to showcase their work. Piteo said, “The art shows provide a meaningful opportunity to promote a sense of appreciation for the arts as well as a sense of pride in each child’s individual creations. This also makes a great opportunity for students to practice using appropriate dialog to communicate thoughts and opinions about what they are viewing. Students are reminded that every artist is unique and everyone has different abilities that should be recognized and respected. It is important to teach our children how to appreciate the arts as our world is completely surrounded by it! After all, what is the point of creating art if you cannot share it or display it? It makes a significant difference to see your work on display, and it’s wonderful to witness the excitement on our students’ faces when it’s time to “show off” their masterpieces!”

Over the last several weeks, first graders have been busy working on their masterpieces including fall landscapes, watercolor circle paintings inspired by artist Vassili Kandinsky, wise owls using oil pastels and woven fruit basket collages. Last Thursday, students proudly showed off their artwork that was displayed in the pop-up gallery within their classroom as well as in the hallways.