South Orangetown Central School District

Veolia Water educator Jessica Moore

Veolia Water educators Robin Kroll and Jessica Moore visited second grade classrooms last week to teach students all about the water cycle and the importance of water conservation.

To kick off the lesson, Moore read the class, “Drop: An Adventure Through the Water Cycle” by Emily Kate Moon to give students a brief overview of the main stages in the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. After the read aloud, Kroll and Moore introduced the “water in a bag” science experiment.

Students were given plastic zip lock bags where they had to draw a water scene such as a beach or a rainstorm. After decorating their bags, Moore and Kroll helped students add water with blue food coloring into the bag. Teachers taped the zip lock bags to the window of their classroom so students can see each stage of the water cycle in real time! As the sunlight heats up the water in the bag, students will see water droplets form, which is condensation. The water will drop down the side of the bag, representing precipitation, and will end with the water sliding back down to the bottom of the bag, which represents collection.

After their lesson, Moore and Kroll talked about easy ways that everyone can conserve water. Some tips to save water at home included turning the water off while you’re brushing your teeth and to try and take shorter showers.