South Orangetown Central School District

Healthcare Career Speaker Series Panel

Five community members in the healthcare field shared career pathways and advice with students yesterday as part of Tappan Zee High School’s Career Speaker Series.

As TZHS Assistant Principal was introducing the panelists, he explained to students, “I think it’s important for all of you to hear about all of the different career paths that are available to you from people within our community. We chose healthcare as the first speaker series of the year because it’s a field that is constantly growing with so many different career options.”

Career Speaker Series panelists described their jobs, education and qualifications required, what they enjoy about their career and how their careers have evolved over the years. At the end of the panel, students had the opportunity to ask any questions they had about specific fields and the levels of education required for their professions. Panelists included Erica Bello Rodriguez MSN, AGNP, NP-C, OCN (Certified Oncology Nurse Practitioner), Kellie Leveille, NP-C, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife/Family Nurse Practitioner), Lara R. Gates, RN, MSN, PMHNP-BC (Supervising Nurse Practitioner in Public Health), Paul Frisch, PhD (Attending Department of Medical Physics, Chief of Biomedical Physics and Engineering) and Sandra Mundy, MSW (Licensed Social Worker and Administrator).

TZHS will host their next Career Speaker Series focused on computer science on December 12. Community members willing to volunteer their time to share their career pathways in a panel discussion and Q&A format are encouraged to reach out to TZHS Assistant Principal Paul Frisch at and complete this Google form: