South Orangetown Central School District

Kindergarteners teach stuffed animals ABCs

Kindergarteners in William O. Schaefer Elementary School teacher Carole Widmayer’s class are experts at their ABCs and to display hard work, they got to become a teacher for a day!

Last week during their phonics lesson, students picked out the stuffed animal of their choice to teach them everything they have learned about the alphabet and the tools they use in their classroom. “The children have been working on studying the alphabet and learning all of the letters and the sounds that the letters make. By giving children the opportunity to show off their expertise in teaching their stuffed animal friends all about the ABCs, the children gain confidence and mastery as they begin to apply these skills in their reading and writing. And, of course, it’s also fun to celebrate what we have learned in school with our friends,” explained Widmayer.

Students worked one-on-one with their furry friends by reviewing their alphabet charts and by using their pointers to point and read the letters to them. Students then got to work together as a teaching team to help their stuffed animals sound out the letters and used their letter boards to do the alphabet in order.