South Orangetown Central School District

NHS Induction

Tappan Zee High School’s National Honor Society chapter welcomed 67 new members at its induction ceremony last night and presented pins to 53 seniors.

The ceremony was hosted by NHS President Alex C. and fellow officers Jamie P., Cassie W. and Jake P., who spoke about the four pillars–leadership, scholarship, character and service–and announced the following special awards:

English teacher Frances Duffy, Social Studies teacher Matthew Robertson and Social Studies Team Leader Scott Silver received the Special Teacher Awards in recognition of the “profound difference they have made in the lives and education of our current NHS members” and their ongoing support.

Daniel C. and Kate M. received the Senior Awards for Outstanding Leadership and were recognized for considering “others’ perspectives and leading with grace.”

The Senior Awards for Outstanding Character were given to Caleb A. and Jordan E. as they “often show kindness and honesty and put others before themselves.”

Kierra K. and Ella S. were honored with the Senior Awards for Outstanding Service for being “committed to performing community service and have exceeded the documented requirements for service as members of NHS.”

“As you embark on this journey with the National Honor Society that recognizes the four pillars— leadership, scholarship, character and service, they align seamlessly with the values of R.I.S.E., which are respect, inspire, support and empower,” said TZHS Principal Melissa Luciano. “In essence, by embracing the four pillars, you embody commitment to respect the richness of knowledge, inspire positive change, support those in need and empower yourself and those around you. Together, these principles create excellence within the National Honor Society but more importantly, within the walls of Tappan Zee High School.”

Congratulations to the new inductees!