South Orangetown Central School District

CLE Robotics Club

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week (December 4-10), we have been taking a look at what computer science education looks like across grades K-12. At Cottage Lane Elementary School, there are a wide variety of technology education learning opportunities that happen both inside and outside of the classroom.

Starting in third grade, students learn about topics including internet literacy, coding, keyboarding and a fan-favorite: robotics. One of the many enrichment programs that CLE offers is the Robotics Club, which is advised by CLE Technology Education teacher Jacob Tanenbaum. “There is nothing quite like a robot for this age group. The excitement they feel often keeps them coming back and working through problems with a kind of persistence that we want to see them develop throughout their lives. I love to see the really deep learning that happens over time as they work with technology that helps prepare them for life in the 21st century,” said Tanenbaum.

The club meets twice a week and over the last few weeks, they have been working in groups to build a robot. Members of the clubs recently completed the design of a track/obstacle course and the goal is to program their robot to successfully navigate each part of the track.