South Orangetown Central School District

Grade 9 Spanish class engages in restaurant role-play exercise

Students enrolled in Tappan Zee High School World Language teacher Jacqueline Ritz’s Spanish class are currently learning the vocabulary associated with food and dining. As a culminating activity last Friday, students engaged in a restaurant role-play exercise.

For the activity, students were split into groups and acted as either a customer or a waiter at a restaurant. The waiter was responsible for guiding the conversation including greetings, asking for their order, picking up their order from the kitchen and checking in on them throughout the meal. The customers had to order their drinks and meals, answer the waiter when they asked how the food was and ask for the check once the meal was complete.

After practicing their Spanish-speaking skills using the new vocabulary and phrases they learned, students then got to work on their writing skills by writing Yelp reviews about their experience at the restaurant!