South Orangetown Central School District

7th Grader presents during Spanish Publishing Party

Last Friday, seventh graders in South Orangetown Middle School Spanish teacher Adolfo Godinez’s class hosted publishing parties to present their writing!

“I had students incorporate what they learned during the school year to show them how capable they are of writing a short story. Writing a short story in English can be difficult and having them write in Spanish is even more challenging. I believe it is important for students to believe in themselves and try something new,” said Godinez. “I had students write their rough drafts on paper with the use of class notes, and a Spanish to English dictionary! Their stories showed their creativity and their ability to write in a foreign language.”

Godinez compiled their short stories into a packet and students took turns reading their original work aloud as their classmates followed along with the story in the booklet. This is the first time the students have participated in a publishing party in their World Language class and they will get to review their work again once they begin high school. Godinez explained, “These stories will be given back to them when they get to Tappan Zee High School for them to see how much they grew in the language!”