South Orangetown Central School District

Grade 1 class practices telling time

First graders in William O. Schaefer Elementary School teacher Liane Kolesar’s class are time-telling masters!

Last week, students began working on how to tell time to the hour and reviewed different parts of the clock, types of clocks and discussed why telling time is important. “We just began our measurement and fractions unit where students compare different lengths using non-standard units as well as telling time to the hour and half hour. They work on the idea of using halves and fourths with different shapes and time,” said Kolesar.

On Thursday, Kolesar kicked off the math lesson by having students use mini clocks to replicate the different times she displayed on the smart board. From there, they used a dry erase board to write the time to match. “There were lots of reminders about the minute hand being on the 12 and what it represents when telling time,” explained Kolesar. Students then worked independently on writing the time and adding the minute hand and hour hand to match the time. To wrap up their math lesson for the day, they broke out into groups to work on various activities including practice activities for skills in the unit, facts practice, games and push your thinking activities such as “Tangy Tuesday” and students have the opportunity to teach their classmates how to do the games and activities. Kolesar noted, “Students love teaching classmates Kakooma, Snake and Numtanga as a challenge!”