South Orangetown Central School District

Fourth grader reads about health sciences careers

This week, William O. Schaefer Elementary School and Cottage Lane Elementary School are hosting College, Career and Civic Readiness Week!

Throughout the week, WOS School Counselor Tennille Marino and CLE School Counselor Stephanie Chahales will be pushing into classrooms to spark conversations about potential career paths based on students’ interests and passions. In addition to classroom activities and discussions during morning meetings, both schools are hosting themed spirit days centered around thoughts of the future and staff are encouraged to wear college gear and colors.

To kick off the week, Chahales visited fourth graders in CLE teachers Jaime Sainz and Colleen Dowling’s class yesterday morning to help students complete a career interest survey. When thinking about potential career choices, Chahales encouraged students to think about their passions, skills and future goals. Using an interest inventory, students were asked questions in six different categories and whichever category they had the most statements that they agreed with is the field they may want to consider in the future. The categories included jobs in the human services, business services, technical sciences, agricultural sciences, health sciences and communication arts fields. Once each student was in the group that correlated to the results of their interest inventory, they got to look at different jobs to see the daily tasks, skills, work values, tools, workplace setting and education levels associated with that career.

On Friday, CLE will be hosting a Fifth Grade Career Day panel featuring guest speakers to give students the chance to learn about the wide variety of careers that our community members have. WOS and CLE will also be hosting “Future Career Day” on Friday where students will have the opportunity to dress as their future self!