South Orangetown Central School District

WOS college and career week

William O. Schaefer Elementary School students are looking towards the future this week as part of the annual College, Career and Civic Readiness Week!

WOS School Counselor Tennille Marino will be pushing into classrooms this week to engage students in age-appropriate activities that help students think about potential careers. “College and career exploration at the K-2 level promotes students’ curiosity and self-awareness. It gives students an opportunity to discover their strengths and to discover what they enjoy doing. During this week, different activities and lessons are planned throughout WOS to highlight different pathways students may want to take after graduating high school. When students are given an opportunity to explore their interests, abilities and strengths, they will be better prepared to make informed decisions about careers in their future,” explained Marino.

Throughout the week, Marino will be visiting Kindergarten and first grade classrooms to read the book, “Snowmen at Work” by Caralyn Buehner, which features a variety of careers including a snowman dentist, pet store owner and mechanic. After the read-aloud, students got to decorate their own snowman based on a career of interest. When they designed their snowmen, they were paying attention to setting, tools, uniforms and special vehicles that may be associated with their career of choice. Students in WOS teachers Rossana Lorusso and Christina Durcan’s class this morning had a wide variety of potential career opportunities they are interested in including a doctor, teacher, mechanic, scientist, farmer and even a ninja!