South Orangetown Central School District

TZHS Business class presentation about new heat press

Tappan Zee High School students currently enrolled in Business teacher Darrell Flynn’s Entrepreneurship class have been developing plans to start a brand-new school business: a new heat press to create customized apparel for sports teams, clubs and more!

Over the last few weeks, students have been working in groups to develop a complete business plan for the heat press business featuring a name, mission statement, startup costs, sales strategies and predictions about initial sales. Twelfth graders Kylee O. and Isabella K. have been preparing their presentation and have been doing their research on everything from the best and most cost-efficient heat press, to who their target audience will be.

“We’re starting a whole new business on top of Z-Mart. Mr. Flynn wants us to learn how to start a business from scratch,” Kylee explained. Isabella added, “It’s been so interesting coming up with new ideas and seeing first-hand what it takes to create a business from the very beginning.” Their plan is to specialize in creating customized apparel, including t-shirts and sweatshirts, for TZHS sports teams and clubs. “We think more people would want to work with us because it will be a quicker and more efficient way to get their merch,” said Kylee.

Each group began presenting their business plans on Friday to pitch their ideas to their classmates and Flynn. Once the presentations are complete, they will put their ideas together to develop a complete plan with the goal of soft-launching the business later this spring.