South Orangetown Central School District

TZHS Orchestra performs for eighth grade music students

South Orangetown Middle School eighth grade music students took a trip to Tappan Zee High School last week to learn about their music department!

Incoming freshmen that are currently taking band, orchestra or chorus, along with SOMS Music teachers Elizabeth Krause, Robert Bennett and Priscilla Pena-Carney, had the opportunity to hear from TZHS music teachers Bill Hughes, Russell Wagoner and Jonathan Rossi and the variety of music courses that are offered at TZHS. “The high school music ensembles including the Symphonic Orchestra, Chorale and Symphonic Band were excited to show off our program by sharing what we do with the 8th grade students. Music in Our Schools Month not only gives us the opportunity to celebrate our wonderful student musicians, it also gives our students the opportunity to share the passion, expertise and camaraderie they develop as their musical journey continues from SOMS to TZHS,” said Hughes on behalf of the TZHS music department.

Following the music performances, SOMS students had the opportunity to ask TZHS students and the music teachers about course offerings, elective options, scheduling and more. Students also learned about music opportunities that are available after school including the Pep Band, Jazz Band, Pit Band for the spring musical, Chamber Orchestra, Quartet Club, Handbell Choir, Bella Acapella and the Tri-M Music Honor Society. TZHS students spoke about various TZHS events that happen throughout the year that give them the opportunity to perform including Acoustic Underground, hosted by the Spanish Honor Society, and TZ Palooza, the annual outdoor music festival. “TZ students emphasized the importance of having music as part of their school day and the positive impact it has had overall on their high school experience both academically and socially,” Hughes noted.