South Orangetown Central School District

World Down Syndrome Day Walk 2024

“We are so excited to be able to host our second annual World Down Syndrome Day Crazy Socks Walk! It is amazing to see our community come together to support a positive, inclusive school district culture. Walking together for this walk each year is the perfect way to celebrate that,” said SOCSD Family Engagement Center Coordinator AJ Walker yesterday afternoon.

“End the Stereotypes” is the theme of this year’s event and students (including several sports teams) families and staff braved the chilly late March temperatures to walk and roll the TZHS track in celebration of the contributions and potential of people with Down Syndrome.

SOCSD parent and founding SEPTA member Jason Rann kicked off the event with brief remarks. “Thank you for being here. This walk enables people from different backgrounds to come together around a common goal,” he said. “Active inclusion is made of many really small moments…Lean into those small moments. Collectively, they have a positive impact so that big moments like today can happen.”

The global campaign advocates for people with intellectual disabilities to be treated with respect and valued as individuals with their own unique perspectives and talents. To promote a more inclusive culture, Down Syndrome International encourages people with Down Syndrome to become vocal advocates for themselves and others. Supporters are urged to amplify the voices of people with Down Syndrome, rather than speaking for them.