South Orangetown Central School District

Grade 2 Career Fair

William O. Schaefer Elementary School hosted their second annual Grade 2 Career Fair on April 17!

Each second grade class rotated between nine different stations featuring professionals in the fields of arts and entertainment, science, military, law enforcement, healthcare, culinary and agriculture. Each presenter spoke about their career journey, what a typical day looks like for them and spoke about why they chose to enter the field. During each presentation, students had the opportunity to ask any questions that they had.

WOS Grade 2 teacher Jaclyn Nandlal first organized this event last school year as a way for WOS students to connect their community with what they’re learning within their curriculum. “I organized our 2nd annual Second Grade Career Fair as a way to encourage and inspire our littlest learners. The fair enabled our students to connect with what we have been learning in our social studies Community Unit. I conducted surveys at the beginning of the year and used that information as a basis for selecting appropriate presenters,” explained Nandlal. “A concerted effort was made to ensure that there was representation from diverse professional backgrounds, thereby enriching the experience for our students. The Career Fair was a huge success! I was very pleased and I’m already planning next year’s event! I hope to make this a yearly event at WOS based on student interest. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a success!”

Thank you to our guest speakers who volunteered their time to speak with our students: Grace Bartell (Registered Nurse), Jeff Bialas (Farmer), Diane Buell (Registered Professional Archaeologist and Land Use/Environmental Planner), Rob Ferretti (Business Owner, Gotham Dream Cars and YouTuber), Christopher Finch and Crew (Rockland County Sheriff’s Mounted Police), Adam Lee Sietz (Comedian, Actor, Author Speaker), Brigid Martin (Registered Nurse), Steven Quinones (U.S. Army, First Sergeant), Dr. Raquel Rodriguez (Dentist), Pearl Yassky (Personal Chef).