The South Orangetown Central School District PTAs partner with parents, teachers, administrators and support staff to enrich students’ school experience and encourage life-long learning, as well as advocate for sound education policy on a national, state, local, and district level.

South Orangetown Council PTA is the link between the national, state and regional PTA and our PTA units; the link between the district’s Board of Education, central office administration, and our units for K-12 district-wide matters; and, the coordinating body for our three PTA units:

South Orangetown Community Elementary Schools (SOCES) PTA | Join SOCES PTA
South Orangetown Middle School (SOMS) PTA | Join SOMS PTA
Tappan Zee High School (TZHS) PTSA | Join TZHS PTSA

Please note that these are not official district sites and are not managed or monitored by South Orangetown Central School District.